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Updated Mon Dec 30 22:03:35 2002

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Matt J. Gumbley - http://www.gumbley.demon.co.uk

imgtools - a.out to Psion .img tools

Table Of Contents

1 Introduction

This is a collection of some old - but still useful - software I wrote as part of the bcc compiler tool chain. The main program, imgconv, is based largely on the work of Olaf Flebbe, with several revisions and requests for features added.

I maintain this stuff on an as-needed basis; If you need some option adding, please let me know.

2 Programs

2.1 imgconv

This converts a.out format files into Psion's .img format, adding in files from the "add File List" file. It can also change several options in the .img header, as well as writing out the code and initialised data segments to separate files.

2.2 imgdump

Analyses the contents of a .img file, displaying the details as well as a hexdump.

2.3 disimg

A disassembler for .img files.

2.4 Misc

There's a bunch of other cruft here; ignore it.

3 Download Instructions

Download it here : imgtools-0.08.tar.gz

Untar it, and read the readme.txt. Executables for Red Hat Linux 6.0 (Intel) and MS-DOS (as producted with the TopSpeed C Compiler) are provided in the archive.

Instructions are included. Batteries are not.
Matt J. Gumbley - matt <at> gumbley <dot> demon <dot> co <dot> uk